Certification of management system – EN 16001

Principle of certification according to EN 16001 – Energy Management Systems

The standard specifies the energy management system to enable the organization to develop and implement a policy and objectives that are in line with legal requirements and are based on the identified energy aspects of the organization. The standard is designed for all types and sizes of organizations regardless of their geographical, cultural and social conditions.

This energy management system can be used independently or it can be applied along with requirements of any other management systems such as the quality management system (ISO 9001), environmental management system (ISO 14001), occupational health and safety management system (ISO 18001), etc.

The structure of this standard is similar to the structure of ISO standard, to facilitate implementation of the requirements of this standard into the already established management systems.

The certificate guarantees that the energy management system has been established, documented, used and maintained in compliance with the requirements of ČSN EN 16001:2010 standard. As the certificate is issued by an accredited third party – certification body – the entity is actively involved in enhancing energy efficiency of its processes (activities) in the course of products realization and provision of services. The validity of the issued certificate is 3 years

Benefits of certification

  • Stabilization of the achieved quality level of the range of products and services;
  • Enhancing the company’s trustworthiness in respect of customers and other business partners;
  • Establishing order and rules in all activities within the company;
  • Possibility of subsequent backward checking of observance of the set rules in the quality management system;
  • Prevention of possible non conformities and defects by means of preventive actions

Certification process

The certification process consists of 3 basic phases:
1) Elaboration of documentation
2) Putting QMS into practice
3) Certification by an accredited certification body
4) Surveillance audit
The times of elaboration of documentation and putting the system into practice are individual (it usually takes several months).

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